Alice Nine in Shanghai DAY 2

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Defying Gravity


Defying Gravity

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Toru @ Incheon Airport, Korea [2013.11.09] [x]

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Hitsuzen Maker

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If I place 4 DORKS together(´☣౪☣)

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by sanamaru


by sanamaru

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Best moments of “MTV All Access: ONE OK ROCK: This is my Budokan?!”


Yellow: Ryota

Green: Toru

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                 お誕生おめでとう!  たか!!!

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ONE OK ROCK interview @ Musica Magazine January 2014 edition

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I combine those two translation, hope it’s okay (^_^)v

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89 day challenge: Things I love about Morita Takahiro/Reasons why I love Morita Takahiro

Day 33. I love Taka for his adorable way of being surprised. Let’s take for example this Monster Rock video. He enters the room.. He is completely startled, I guess he even doubts if he opened the right door, lol. so he leaves. BUT NO! You’re wrong, he just went to get the Leader. But our Leader is no good, he is as surprised, just unlike Taka he bursts into laughter making situation even more awkward lol. (✿◖◡​◗)

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p.s. Sorry for poorly made gifs. I just spent all evening being angry with reposters and didn’t manage to make anything decent ;__;

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